Thursday, December 31, 2009

Traffic Stopping Art (number 38)

"Me and You" by Artist: Jo Murphy & QPASTT

This traffic signal box recently won an award as the "Best Organisation" traffic signal box.

The Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma (QPASTT) provides flexible and culturally sensitive services to promote the health and wellbeing of people who have been tortured or who have suffered refugee related trauma prior to migrating to Australia. (from their website)

On the Artforce Award Winners website, the box description is:

Young person watching young girl crying (with eyes watching her in background) A young face thinks or says "Me and You we are Australian" A hand (henna) reaches up from the bottom offering a rose to welcome the girl. A friendly man stretches out his arms on his chest it says Welcome Children at bottom hold hands over globe with AU They have an angel in between and are happy The box is unified with the music from the sitar This lifts the scene and the reflection from the musical notes is what lightens the forest (painting).

This post is in memory of Salman Abdirahman Arte, a 13 year old Somali refugee who came to Brisbane nine moths ago and died on Tuesday after being overcome by floodwaters when playing in Bulimba creek with two of his brothers.


Leif Hagen said...

What a great, artsy way to "beautify" an otherwise ugly, grey box! Bravo!
Happy New Year!

diane b said...

How interesting. I didn't realise there was such an organisation or stories behind the art. Thanks for enlightning me.

Our Brisbane

the foto fanatic said...

Lovely thought - I'm sure this story touched many of us.


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