Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How much is that trolley in the window?

...about $150 new... or $107 if you're a supermarket buying back your trolley that has just been impounded by Brisbane City Council. The big supermarket giants are not happy bunnies; here they are trying to scratch out an honest living and the council are cruising around town, collecting trolleys (and probably paying their collectors a much better wage than the poor kid at the supermarket) and holding them to ransom. They've got 4000 so far and the supermarkets are refusing to pay the release fee.

I was tempted to wheel this one down to the local Woolies and suggest they give me $50 for it.

This could be the start of a series...

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Owen said...

Hi Cara, it's been a little while, but just saw your dog grooming sign here and liked it alot. It reminded me of a funny sign I saw here in France a few weeks back, and posted here :


I mentioned to you that our daughter was out in Brisbane last Summer, and we just had her correspondent here to stay with us for five weeks in September and October. Now my daughter wants to go back to Brisbane, she loved it...

Best wishes

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