Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dolphins at Seaworld

OK so it's not strictly Brisbane.. we're about 60km south of it's southern-most suburbs in the northern part of the Gold Coast. To my knowledge there's not a Gold Coast Daily Photo so hopefully I'm not treading on any toes here! Seaworld is one of the many theme parks that are on this section of the coast. Earlier this year, it was in the news for taking in Nari, a dolphin who had been bitten by a shark in Moreton Bay. Vets at Seaworld sorted him out, releasing him back into the wild in the glare of the media. The dolphins I saw at Seaworld looked very much at home there. This group who did the show were amazing, leaping high into the air, swimming on their backs, waving their fins at the audience. The crowd loved it.

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