Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday Night Boogie

I had an extremely rare Friday night by myself so decided to stroll around town with my camera. This is Brisbane Square where last night there was a dj and sound system set up and people getting down to salsa music. I thought maybe it was a special event but one guy told me it's run by Brisbane City Council and is on every Friday night. I really should get out more.


Julie said...

Golly do people still hold hands when they dance!

cara said...

In salsa yes! Cripes, do people still say Golly? ;-)

Jim said...

You guys are a crack up. :) This is a great idea to get people into the city.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Steve Capelin said...

Brisbane has gone salsa mad. Litle Stanley Street has a salsa scene as well.
It's a cheap night out. Much cheaper than throwing your money away at the casino in the background.
Those latin dancers really know how to dance. Envy!

Stefan Jansson said...

Dance the night away.

pixi said...

I stumbled into a salsa venue one night in the valley - i was soo impressed! great idea from the city, and great photo - i seems like Asians have gone salsa crazy too!? lol

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