Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Newstead Gas Ring

Thanks for visiting! I'm away at the moment... back on Tuesday 12th Jan


Julie said...

Now who woulda thought that a gas-ring could look attractive. This is the sort of public building that cries out for graffiti. Love it.

Steve Capelin said...

Ha! What a combination. Aerosol art. Gas ring. Apartment development(and what once was cloudland sneaking in on the periphery). For a moment there I saw the apartmetnt building as inside the Gas Ring. How weird would that be?
Are you connected top any of the artists doing this work? I think Jugglers Art Space was invited to work on this site.

Unknown said...

These gasometres litter the landscape in the UK. This is the only one I've seen in Queensland.

Pure Envy said...

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