Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vehicles Will Be Towed Away

Brisbane City Council are impounding shopping trolleys and holding them to ransom, asking the supermarkets to pay $107 per trolley for their release. It's made me notice them around a lot more, often a long way from home, lonely... but with a nice view.


wilbo43 said...

The BCC will have a job finding out who owns these trolleys, because they (the trolleys) have a life of their own.

bitingmidge said...

Yet they still don't bother with a coin deposit!

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

Joanna said...

I just found your blog recently and have loved seeing your photos each day.

Here in Chicago, Illinois, USA, the stores have their names on the shopping carts (as we call them) and many have electronics at the edges of their parking areas to somehow stop people from taking them out. I'm not sure if it sounds an alarm in the store, or locks up the wheels on the cart. If you're caught with one, it's considered theft.

pixi said...

when i lived in New Farm, some local counciler said in a paper, that 'taking the trolley home' was a sign that inhabitants were walking to shops hence not polluting etc..!
i once watched an elderly lady walk home to a posh apartment building, then go and abandon the trolley in front of a neighboured, more modest looking house - d'uh.
coin system works best, Brisbane!

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