Monday, October 5, 2009

A New Perspective

Yesterday was the opening of the new footbridge across the Brisbane River.

When they announced on the radio they were looking for a name for this bridge at the western end of the city, there was a huge response. Somebody with a bit of a sense of humour called up to suggest the Bad Harry Bridge as we already have a Goodwill footbridge (after the Goodwill Games) on the eastern side of the city. The connection being the Royal Family.... geddit?
Anyway...the one that won was the Kurilpa Bridge, Kurilpa being an Aboriginal name for Water Rat and also the Aboriginal name for the local area round these parts.
It offers a new perspective both from it and as part of the Brisbane riverscape. Opinions are divided. I really like it. See a couple of snapshots along its journey here, here and here.

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