Friday, April 24, 2009

Bridge To Somewhere

Here's a check on the Kurilpa footbridge - as you can see, it's nearly done! You don't really get a sense of the colour of the bridge I had to sacrifice that in favour of the beautiful morning sky. The nighttime clouds were gradually swept away on a gentle breeze to reveal another sparkling day.

See the bridge's true colour here, courtesy of another Brisbane blogger, The Foto Fanatic.

Check here to see what it looked like back in December.

To see what other skywatchers see, visit the fabulous Skywatch Friday.


the foto fanatic said...

Great sky Cara! Let's hope the two sides meet!

Jane Hards Photography said...

Cranes, bridges and skywatch are a perfect matches. Cool swirling blue to the sky and interesting to see the other images.

James said...

I love it. There's so much to see in just one picture.

Jim said...

Some great colours at that time of day.

erin said...

great capture...will be a lovely walkway when completed :)
have a great weekend.

Ann said...

I like the cranes and bridge as sculptural silhouettes against the sky.

david said...

Hi Cara,
Love that pic - the sacrifice of colour for the morning sky was definitely worth it.
I also took a couple of pics - which are probably older as the southern half had not yet come out to meet the northern half.
You can see them here and here - though the lighting is nowhere near as good as yours.

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