Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pit Stop

Two things that really struck me about Brisbane when I first moved here was the amount of cyclists and the amount of coffee shops. Supplying one with the other is Aberto's Shot, an Italian espresso bar in West End on one of Brisbane's well-worn bike routes.
Motorists in the area should be wary of edgy, caffeine-fuelled pelotons steaming down Montague Road at about 50kph.

P.S. Does the picture look familiar? It's a fair cop, guv.... I shamelessly stole this idea from Eric of Paris Daily Photo fame. See his "through the spokes" shot from April 15th here. Thanks Eric!


Lowell said...

If anyone was watching, they might get spoked...oops, I mean spooked!

Great shot!

Tussy said...

Nice shot.

All little things I like: Bright Bicycle in Heidelberg

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