Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sawdust to sawdust....

The days of this gigantic Moreton Bay Fig in Orleigh Park are numbered. There is a sign up from the council saying so. A storm blew through Brisbane last November and in the space of about an hour did a surprising amount of damage. This fig tree was among the casualties. You can see the mulchy remains of another in the foreground. It's so sad! They have been fenced off for a while now as the remaining limbs just aren't strong enough any more.

One of the most strikingly beautiful features of these trees is the visible gnarled roots which twist and turn like veins on an old man's hands. The trunks form knobbles and holes and all sorts of interesting bits - fantastic to touch. I wish I could get in there and take a few pictures of that trunk before it goes. The tiny little fruits (from the fig family) are loved by fruit bats and every evening in summer you can hear them squabbling for position.

Hmmm. War and destruction 4 days running. A more uplifting post tomorrow, definitely!

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Julie said...

But it is only by acknowledging the war and destruction that we can raise our sights for the future with any element of hope.

This happened in our Hyde Park about 2 years ago and they took the lot out ... about 10 trees over 100 years old. They have done wonders with the site since then. Ann works near there and she might be able to show us how they have transformed it. From Archibald facing toward St Mary's, Ann ...

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