Monday, December 29, 2008

Bridge To Nowhere...

...for the moment, at least. Hopefully when this footbridge is finished, it will coax more CBD workers and shoppers to get on their bikes or walk into the city. Right now it's a quick and handy link to the city for dare-devil motorcyclists.


Julie said...

Parts of Sydney are very much like this. Bloody ugly, isn't it?

Kim said...

I have to disagree with Julie. At least your shot makes this look very attractive to me. . .really nice composition. I imagine when it is completed it will look quite appealing indeed.

I can see looking through your camera is having that magical effect of causing you to see and be attentive to so much more around you. Isn't it fun?! Hope you are enjoying the City Daily Photo Blog experience. I enjoyed some very pleasant time catching up with your images this evening. Cool series on the traffic signal box art!
Seattle Daily Photo

cara said...

Julie and Kim -

Thanks to both of you for leaving the comments. Every time I look at the riverside expressway (ugly road in this picture supported by concrete posts growing out of the river) I wonder whose stupid idea that was and what a blot on the city's landscape it is - not only ugly but noisy, polluting and robbing the city of a large amount of it's riverbank habitat....But I must admit I am excited by Brisbane's constant construction and ever-changing skyline. I think cranes are interesting to look at and symbolic of a living, growing city. I haven't been up close to a bridge construction before and it fascinates me. Sounds a bit sitting-on-the-fence-ish but I agree with both of you!

abc said...

Looks like a perfect location for one of those car chase action movies. Apart from that it ain't pretty, but I guess you can't stop urban development.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the stunt motorcycle riders know that there is now such a handy route for them to get into the city. I'd be a shame if they were all just catching the bus to work every morning.


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