Monday, December 15, 2008

Queenslander Houses

I love Queenslander houses. This one in particular is round the corner from where I live. Last year there was an application to pull it down and build flats there but the community wrote so many objections to the coucil that the application got turned down. Power to the people!


bitingmidge said...

It's beaut to see some of BrisBegas on the WWW!

I look forward to seeing lots more!



Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

Anonymous said...

LOVING the blog sis! will tune in regularly.
speak to you soon xxxxx

Hilda said...

After following your forum topic, I'm glad to see your blog, Cara. I hope you enjoy CDPB as much as I do! :)

This house reminds me of some of the Philippines' big rural houses — almost none like this in Manila anymore. And I love yesterday's post! I wonder if they'll let me paint utility boxes here…

Jilly said...

Love Queenslanders. I lived in Cairns for three years and have such good memories of the beautiful old stilt houses. This is a beauty.

WElcome to the City Daily Photo family, Cara.

Menton Daily PHoto
Monte Carlo Daily Photo

Ajruddin Khatri said...

couriers please quote

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