Saturday, October 17, 2009

Purple Haze

If you squint really really hard (maybe so hard that your eyes close) you can just make out that this giant ventilation stack in Woolloongabba is supposed to be a jacaranda tree (see yesterday's post for comparison). It's one of two enormous monoliths (the other one a red "poinciana-inspired" number in Bowen Hills) that dominate their respective skylines. Each is the height of about a 15 storey building. The tunnel between the two stacks is 4.8 kms with 2 lanes each way and is set to carry 100,000 cars a day. As the stacks don't have any filters, (?? I know) the council have set up 4 air-quality testing stations so they can monitor just how much filth and pollution they will pump into the air next year when the tunnel opens.
Both chimneys are close to large hospitals. (Can you tell I'm not a big fan?).
More info including an aerial photo of the poinciana stack here.

The irony of a giant man-made tree pumping exhaust fumes over our city is not lost on an artist called Joshua Levi. Visit again tomorrow for his take on it.


magiceye said...

strange are the ways of these corporations all round the world!

Annie said...

Gosh, thanks for sorting out a puzzle for me...I keep seeing the other one on the way to the airport lately...and wonder what on earth it is...mmmm...don't think I'll bother using that tunnel thanks...

Julie said...

Umm ... this is gross! It is the sort of thing our state government would do. Both the lack of filter and the purple ventilation shaft.

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