Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fish and Chips at Sandgate

Sandgate is in the far north of Brisbane and takes about half an hour on the train. As it is still part of the bay, there's not much in the way of sandy beaches (by the Australia's standards) but the sea front is a great place for walks or exploring rock pools... or scoffing down fish and chips which is exactly what I did. Very nice, it was... even if I did ignore the Londoner in me who was screaming for malt vinegar and some mushy peas. Lemon? I ask you.


observer said...

thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!

being originally from the southside of brisbane, i hrdly ever went to sandgate - i always went to the gold coast. i did go there eventually with family and thoroughly enjoyed it

jealous of the fish and chips

Annie said...

Ah, yes, Sandgate is an interesting place indeed...I love looking at all the varying architecture...especially the oldest houses still standing.

Fish n of my daughter's favorite aussie foods she can't locate in New York where they are now living!

Gaelyn said...

The fish and chips look good. Also like the dice/box on the "beach", as I would call it.

Stefan Jansson said...

I have never eaten fish and chips. What's with the dice?

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