Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brisbane Square Market

It was only set up a few months ago but Brisbane Square Farmers' Market is flourishing. Don't go there with an empty stomach!


Julie said...

I can't even go to Woolies with an empty tummy than alone try to resist the scrumptious things are Farmers' Markets!!~

Mrs Santa said...

I'm ex Brisbane so pardon my ignorance!
Where is Brisbane Square Farmers' Market?

cara said...

Brisbane Sqaure of course!

Yes - probably a new name for that bit outside the casino at the bottom of Queen Street Mall where the new library building is.

NAT DUNCAN said...

I LOVE this photo - great movement and depth, makes you want to see what's outside the frame.

Anonymous said...

Brisbane square market would bw closed on new year week.
Re-open on 11-Jan-2012

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