Sunday, February 6, 2011

Waking Up On North Quay

Lately we have been the beneficiaries of many acts of kindness, one being the birthday present from a good friend of a night in a swish hotel on the 22nd floor. You get a whole new perspective on things when you look at familiar places from unfamiliar angles. Especially after a fabulous night's sleep and the prospect of a gigantic breakfast.


Annie said...

how lovely!

Joanna said...

What a view upon waking up! It looks so peaceful and serene, especially after all the problems you had to live through. And, what a birthday present too - that's a great friend.

Julie said...

A bit like the colour of your frames!!

What a lovely friend to do that for you. Well done, friend.

Nice morning light here - I think! And with the western hills in the background. If one did not know, one may not guess.

Carola said...

Great perspective. It's good to have a different view.

wan said...

really refreshing if every morning wake up can look a view like calming

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