Monday, February 21, 2011

Everyday Is Like Sunday

We picked a good time to be without a kitchen. Brisbane is boiling hot and sweaty at the moment, which suits our outdoor kitchen arrangements very nicely indeed. We've got the camping stove set up on the garden table and the Weber for an oven. What you are looking at is a Beer Can Chicken. You open a beer and drink half of it, then you sit an uncooked chicken (innards removed) upside down on the can. Place on the bbq, close the lid and crack open another beer while it cooks. The steam from the beer keeps it moist and because it's standing up it gets browned all over without you having to turn it. For those who like BBQ chicken, it's a marvel! For those who don't drink beer, any liquid in a can will do.

NB. When you slide the cooked chicken off the can of beer, no mater how thirsty you are, don't try and drink what's left.


the foto fanatic said...

Check out the bum on that bird!

Molly said...

Definitely something I want to try now! And thanks for the tip about drinking the leftover beer... :-/

Photo a Day in London

Carola said...

What an amazing bbq story. Unique shot.

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