Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brisbane Sexual Memoirs

This book that I'm reading at the moment is the extensive sexual memoirs of a Brisbane girl. You can really get into it and it's pretty racy too. The author works locally. If I see her it's going to be weird!


Mrs Santa said...

I love the comments on your blog Cara - the icing on your cake! but I wondered if anyone would comment today - not that I thought that no one would appreciate today's but what to say! Well, from me, I've read a review of the book on Google, and I've found that it's not held in our little country library, and frankly I can't wait to read it - Brisbane and sex!-two of my fave elements in a book - hope there's a good story to hold it all together.

Alan O'Riordan said...

Can't say that I've read that one! But Andrew McGahan's "Last Drinks" is a very good read if you want a dose of scandal and intrigue from Brisbane's politically corrupt past.

Carola said...

I felt a bit like Mrs. Santa and curios about the comments.
In the moment I read the book Honolulu Hotel from Paul Theroux. And it is a surprise, the books I read from him were all travel writing. This is fiction and full of sex. With funny and surprising storys about funny and different people.

Paul said...

Well like Mrs Santa what to say.. What I know about Brisbane I learned from BDP and as for sex now thats a whole different story. This copy does look well thumbed and the staff liked it|!

Mrs Santa said...

Thanks guys, will add "Last Drinks" to my list of "must reads" - tho I didn't like "Praise" much; also "Honolulu Hotel". I really liked Chris Nyst's "Cop This!" based on the bombing of a nightclub in Fortitude Valley.
But the best literary? news I've heard in ages is that the ABC is currently filming a series based on the wonderful Oz novel"The Slap"by Christos Tsiolkas.
Happy reading!

PJ said...

Better steer clear of Avid then!

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