Sunday, February 13, 2011

Floor Make-over Special!! 2. After

Ahhh now isn't that better?

Nice cool tiles, clean, lovely and with any luck... waterproof!*
The insurance company have said that because we paid for our "floating" floor ourselves, it came under the contents insurance. Had we left the original carpets there, it would have come under buildings. In other words, our year of floating floor procrastination was not in vain and we will be covered for the floor.

And so... we moved all our stuff back in yesterday. Our kitchen is yet to be decided on but at least it has a nice floor while we wait. In the meantime we shall be doing knee-skids and barefoot moonwalks around our home... just because we can..

*the term "waterproof" may be subject to change at any time and without notice. Please note there are several types of water.


Julie said...

Well ... buggar me ... I like that definition from the insurance company ... and your photo is soo full of light and joy ... barefoot moonwalks ... go for itr!!!!!!!!!

Annie said...

Ah, yes, ever so much better Cara. That is so great to have that done already! Wow.

Mrs Santa said...


Inner Artist said...

I love your 'fine print' addition! I can only imagine how a new, clean floor would feel for you after all the trauma. Enjoy!

Joanna said...

It's a wonderful floor Cara. With all the people who need work done in their homes, you sure got someone there in a hurry. Or, did you do it yourselves? Thank goodness insurance will cover some of your losses. Congratulations!

Paddy said...

I am so glad for you cara!
I love the comparison between the two pictures, one with the wellies and one with the bare feet, it really makes a huge statement.

Thinking of you guys, love as always!

Love the new tiles by the way!!

Lauren in Brisbane said...

Very nice tiles they are too.

We too have a brand new floating floor - luckily the water stopped about 20cm below it, otherwise we would have been living with bare concrete for quite some time (we stupidly had no flood insurance coverage for the building or our contents).

P.S. Signing up with Suncorp ASAP :>)

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