Saturday, February 12, 2011

Floor Make-over Special!! 1. Before

 This floating floor had been a year in the making; neither of us are the DIY type and so it was the source of much procrastination and frustration. The skirting boards hadn't even been attached yet. We think they were submerged for about 12 hours so the slick of river mud over them was only a couple of millimetres thick. You can tell from the light at the top of the picture that each board had started to bow.

Just as an aside, a friend who has worked in recovery centres in Queensland with all the flooding recently said that the thing that made Brisbane different in the clean-up was the vast array of fancy wellies/gum boots around.

Anyway: the floor. As far as insurance goes, our contents are covered but the buildings insurance is not. We subsequently found out that no body corporate in Brisbane has flood insurance. So the question was posed: is the floor considered "contents" or "buildings"?

Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of this make-over special! (Don't you just love a cliff-hanger?)


Mrs Santa said...

I like the word "floating" (floor) - obviously the buckles were caused by the poor thing trying to live up to its name!

And as for the number of fancy gum boots around - puts paid to the rumour that none were available 'cos all were taken up by the Woodford Folk Festival - maybe some came back - with embellishments maybe!

Good luck with your insurance!

Vande Historic Costuming said...

We lost our ceiling as well as bathing in the silt for a couple of days....unfortunately Cool and Cosy insulation came down as well - and my old Hello Kitty gumboots were unrecognizable. Our insurance however is covering us for both - hope your floor has a happy ending!

Brissiemum2 said...

If it's 'floating' then surely it's not part of the building! ;)

I went to Chermside as the waters were rising and the Groove store there had people almost literally walking out the door with their fancy gum boots. No other store had any in stock so it was the floral, fancy and picture types that were popular. I had to laugh at a couple of big burly boys buying gum boots with cute little horses on them!!!

Julie said...

Love this yarn about the gumboots ...

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