Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monstera fruit

I was staying at our friends' place (what a surprise) and for breakfast, with pancakes, they offered this Monstera fruit.

The plant is native to Central America (Monstera deliciosa) but grows wild around Brisbane. Lots of people have them in their houses all over the place and call them Cheese Plants - I think I grew up with one in our front room in London. When they fruit, you get this thing that looks a bit like a green corn-on-the-cob. When the segments start to seperate, you can scoop out the flesh and eat it. It looks a bit strange but it's surprisingly good. It's like banana but with the sweetness of a pineapple mixed in.

If you can't afford the price-hike in bananas this season, maybe you should give one of these monsters a try.


Julie said...

They are a bit of a geometric marvel really. I like the taste, just the furry bits are off-putting. Maybe your frieds should try a nice merlot to wash the pancakes and monstereo down!

For brekkie ...

cara said...

I know what you mean about the furry bits! I thought perhaps it was because the one I had wasn't ripe enough - and I can see how the vino might make things interesting.

Although washing anything down with merlot for breakfast is going to make things interesting.

observer said...

there were some in my parent's yard when i was growing up in the 70s.

we called them monsterio delicio. thanks for the proper name

Nathalie said...

I think I've seen them in Australia and heard people mentioning that they are edible but I never tried. Would you mind posting a photo of the tree one day ?

(loved the exchange with Julie :-)))

Leeds daily photo said...

This is the kind of plant that some offices had here years back. Some friends had a largish one, but I have never seen one in fruit before, looks interesting.

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