Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Wish Your Wish

"Inspired by a Brazilian tradition, Rivane Neuenschwander’s installation I wish your wish 2003 invites visitors to tie colourful silk ribbons to their wrists that feature printed wishes on the fabric. Hundreds of the ribbons are inserted into the gallery wall to create a sea of colour and silk. According to tradition, the wish is granted when the ribbon wears away and falls off."

I took a ribbon which said "I wish the right thing was always the fun thing". When you remove a ribbon, you write your wish on a square of paper, roll it up and stick it in the empty hole.
Which one would you take?


Wan said... colourful..nice :)

Jim said...

How interesting. Great colours.

Anonymous said...

I took "I wish I remembered my dreams" today. But I was tempted to take "I wish I had a tail to indicate my moods".

Unknown said...

My sister visited GOMA as part of a school excursion - she picked up a wish

"i wish my sister all the happiness in the world"

After days of tears from a break up... i had tears for a happy reason. She makes my heart melt

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