Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Looking behind the old Waltons department store in the Valley.


Jim said...

I remember Waltons well. The store in Sydney was demolished and replaced by a skyscraper.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Annie said...

Is that the big old building on the main crossroads corner in the valley? Of course it may not be the cross roads anymore...as I think the mall goes up from there now? (You can see how long it is since I drove through there)!

If it is, then that would have been the department store I was referring to yesterday...except when I went there it was called either McWhirters or "McDonnell and East". Must ask my sisters/family.

No, after a call to my brother he says that McWhirters was on the corner, and Waltons was up Bruswick street a bit. Nice to have an advantage of age (and memory)...and his wife who also remembers these things!!

cara said...

I'm a bit confused now. It's hard to tell, looking from this angle which is up on Gipps street, but I'm sure this building is on Wickham street. Either I've got the wrong building or there were two Waltons. I'll ask Trevor from Your Brisbane Past and Present. He knows all this stuff.

Hilda said...

The tower was fake all along?

the foto fanatic said...

Hi Cara
I looked on Google Earth and I am fairly sure that you are correct. I'll double check next time I am in the Valley.
McWhirters is on the other corner, but the back of that building is somewhat different.
The partial tower is visible on Google Earth and where I remember Waltons to have been.

Bill said...

Walton were an institution. With the closing of they're shops an era ended.

Anonymous said...

I worked in this very store in the late '70's to mid '80's. The Myer store was on the opposite corner, and this is the corner of Brunswick and Wickham street. It used to be Overells, and Mark Overell was still working there when I worked there. I also worked in the Ipswich Waltons, and left in '82 to work in the ill-fated Reids store at Ipswich.

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