Friday, March 12, 2010

South-West Skywatch Friday

The return of the clear weather earlier on in the week saw me high-tailing up to the lookout on top of Mount Coot-tha. It's about as high up in Brisbane as you can get so there is plenty of sky to watch. I could just make out a much better display going on in the western sky but there were some trees in the way.
For uninterrupted views of the sky all over the world, high-tail it over to the Skywatch Friday lookout.


Sylvia K said...

Now that is a flaming sky! Fantastic capture and such stunning and dramatic colors! It's skies like this that make it worthwhile looking up more often than down! Have a wonderful weekend!


Light and Voices said...

Dramatic! Simple. Great composition.

Annie said...

Good shot Cara. I do believe I have some of those obscured western views on my skywatch today!
I was a little shocked to realise that the days are getting shorter. After having spent 3 months in the US, I have been subconsciously waiting for longer days!!

J Bar said...

Beautiful sky.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Carol said...

Great photo and a gorgeous sunset!

observer said...

i hope i get to see this view sometime soon, first time for seven years

syel said...

the silhouettes of the trees add a little drama to this very warm glow in the sky. beautiful! :)

Laura Hegfield said...

grand photo cara!

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