Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Toll Free

This shot was taken from the same spot on Gipps Street as yesterday's photo looking a bit to the right. The McWhirters building in the background is another beautiful building that once housed a department store. At the moment, at street level, it's a mish-mash of different little independent shops and cafes that contrast somewhat with the grandness of the architecture.
In the foreground is a billboard advertising Brisbane's newest tunnel which runs under the Brisbane river connecting Bowen Hills and Woolloongabba. Toll free till Monday and then $4.28 one way for a car and $6.42 for a light commercial vehicle. It's a pretty small tunnel but with those prices, you'd probably have the space to fit a chopper down there.

1 comment:

Toll Free Pricing said...

What a weird name for a company. And by the way that is a huge tunnel because I noticed a helicopter hovering inside.

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