Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

The top picture was taken on Thursday night at 8.30pm and the bottom one during Earth Hour last night. There are definitely some lights that were switched off in this shot. Mostly business and public lighting. The riverside apartments on the right look like none of them was aware it was happening. Out of shot, the gigantic searchlight on top of the Sky Needle continued to swing around South Brisbane and the giant floodlights lighting the first Brisbane Lions game of the season continued to burn brightly. Better luck next year!


Annie said...

Wonderful night time shots of Brisbane Cara. Terrific!

Stefan Jansson said...

They will hopefully be a bit embarrassed when they find your post and when you shoot a few photos here next year they will have learned their lesson.

I still like both photos btw.

Tim said...

We all understand that Earth Hour is basically just symbolic, but when the facts are understood, even that symbolism becomes almost laughable. We’ll hear wild claims about how much CO2 will be saved with the lights going out for that one hour. However, it is all theoretical, because nothing is actually ‘saved’ at all. Power Plants just do not stop providing their power to the grids for that one hour, so they just keep humming along as they always have. This is the reality of what does happen for that one hour.
In fact, more power is consumed restarting CFL light bulbs than what it would have consumed if they were left on.
Earth Hour is a con, it misinforms us to think we are doing something right, and that switching a light bulb off for 1 hour will fix our wrongs.

Ann said...

Beautiful night shots - you are getting very good at these. It did fall a bit flat this year, even in Sydney.

Jim said...

Terrific shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Katherine said...

Beautiful night time shots...but a disappointing effort on behalf of all the Brisbanians that left their lights on!

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