Thursday, March 18, 2010

Skithery Ayetn Dootn Daaah

Voices were loud and proud, Irish or just up for a good time, at the Inspire bar in Vulture Street last night. It was an Irish-themed session to celebrate St. Patrick's day with lyrics printed on sheets of paper for anyone who fancied joining in and a bag full of percussion handed round. The guy on the flute here also played the button accordian and the guitar (and probably a few more instruments). The man on the right is playing the Ulian pipes. They're a bit like Scottish bagpipes but quieter and, to my ear, more melodic. The air into the bag comes from bellows under the arm rather than from the player blowing into it. There was also a mandolin being played and a couple of bodhrans (pronounced "bow-rons" - the "ow" sound as in "how"). At one stage I think 90% of the people in the bar were in the band... as it should be in any decent session!


Julie said...

Love the direction you are taking this blog. The change in style is beaut!

Bill said...

That would have been a fun place to visit last night, if only I'd known.

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