Monday, March 29, 2010

Chinatown in The Valley

Brisbane's Chinatown is located in Fortitude Valley, known locally as "The Valley". It's a busy place full of people and cars, day and night with a bustling atmosphere.

It's been a Chinese area for a while. In the census of 1901, 105 Chinese people lived in the Valley and the local post office employed a Chinese interpreter. There is a Buddhist temple down the road in Breakfast Creek that's been there since 1884. Check it out at the brilliant Your Brisbane Past And Present blog.

I think the majority of the Chinese population have moved out to Sunnybank, a suburb in the south of the city, but the character of this old area of Brisbane with the buildings higgledy-piggledy remains distinctly Chinese.


Stefan Jansson said...

The first thing I notice is that all the cars look new.

Ann said...

Wonderful architecture, esp that place that looks like an old pub with the beautiful balcony.

Annie said...

It is a long time since I have been down to the Valley. Used to go there more often when younger, when there was a major department store there on the main corner, before the Chinese influence. It looks more like New York to me now...(of course without the high rises)!!

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