Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Slight Shift

Did you feel it? There was a slight shift in the season this week. We went from summer to autumn. In Brisbane, you don't have the obvious signs like red leaves on trees and the need for a coat... autumn is much more subtle. You might find you need a blanket overnight for the first time in months. The sun's rays feel less consuming and the shadows seem a bit longer.
We had fog for a while the other morning, it was lovely.


Pauline said...

I felt it! Last night I had to close the windows, the breeze made me cold. And the fan is off and the blanket it on. Loving it!

Aqua Marina said...

so even fog can be exotic! I love your description and perception of the subtlety of the shift in season - and your picture which really captures the mood! thank you!

Annie said...

and the days are getting shorter...sigh..

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