Monday, July 13, 2009

Vegas, Here We Come!

I was walking past the Suncorp Piazza when I came across this amazing group of dancers practicing their stuff. They were really giving it all they had - the energy was electric. It turns out they are "Up 2 U", an urban dance crew who have recently become Australian Champions and now they're off to Las Vegas to take on the world in the World Hip Hop Championships at the end of this month.


Guilherme B.R. said...

Muito louca essa foto!

Hilda said...

I was lazily browsing the portal with no real intention of visiting anyone yet (I'm only half awake and having my coffee) when I saw this and was caught by the energy even in the tiny thumbnail! Exactly what I need to wake me up!

Good look to Up 2 U!

Leif Hagen said...

Australia's got talent! Las Vegas must be brimming with all the final contestants from around the world on these talent tv shows, eh? Energetic and fun foto!

Julie said...

Yep, I saw the energy too. And having it on the diagonal added to the action of the shot.


Anonymous said...

its very necessary for self defense. nice shot


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