Wednesday, July 15, 2009

5 Things You Get In Brizzy:

1. Single storey houses - brick.
2. Old Queenslander houses made from wood.
3. Hills Hoists (rotary washing lines with adjustable height).
4. Hills/Views.
5. Palm Trees.


Julie said...

I adore most things you point out in this photo - except palm trees. IMHO they are unAustralian and should be banish-ed!

Love the old Queenslander: look at the little hooded windows down the side. And I love the rusty corrugated iron ...

Annie said...

ah, yes, you have captured them all so well in that photo...and city views as well..!!!

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Looks like a picture of a nice, balmy Sunday afternoon. I love the Queenslander and am sitting here imagining what it looks like all freshly painted with a new roof and a creeper growning along the side fence.

I used to not like palm trees, but since my time up in FNQ last year O have grown to like them. There is something sort of comforting about them - visions of sitting inder one hearing the water gently lap the sand as it rolls in.

Jackie said...

And you got the skyscrapers in the distance too - what a lot of contrasts in the one picture!

Anonymous said...

lovely shot with lovely scene.


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Anonymous said...

Great picture. Wish we could protect the old houses a bit more. Brisbane City Council dont seem to offer any protection for their saving at all, and they (the old buildings) really add to the character and ambiance of our beautiful city. Once all the old historic buildings are gone, its going to be soooo sad.... J.E.R.

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