Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Blues Got The Maroons That's Why The Maroons Got The Blues

Roma Street, 7pm. A sea of maroon-clad rugby league fans marching towards Suncorp Stadium (or "Lang Park" as it is often still called) for State of Origin, Game 3 of 3. If you are a Queenslander and into sport, this is a very big deal.

Incase you were wondering... the other team, the Blues of New South Wales, won last night's game 28-16 but Queensland won the previous two so remain winners on a best-of-3 basis. I stayed up especially to watch it for this post despite my nonchalance, my warm bed and a good book calling me - how dedicated am I?

Get a real taste of Lang Park and the State of Origin through the eyes of a fellow Brisbane blogger, the foto fanatic.


the foto fanatic said...

Catchy title - i like it! I'm glad you weren't there for the return journey! :-(

Julie said...

Yes, the title is cool. And the energy in the photo is really good, too. I am not a footie fanatic at all ... but I do find the various "tribes" interesting ... I will go look at the other Brissie site.

Monica said...

I like this photo. It's showing the hustle and bustle of rugby fans.

Anonymous said...

nice color & the nice shot.


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