Friday, March 23, 2012

She's a bit blowy

In Australia the weather is 'She'. Often a whole conversation will start with "She's a...." and then a description of the weather. Sometimes it's an understatement...  e.g. "She's a bit blowy" in a force-10 gale and "She's a warm one" in weather so hot you think you're going to faint.


Inner Artist said...

Fantastic photo! And I love hearing people from other countries explaining our language because to us it's so normal we don't actually see how strange it sounds to others. We do laconic understatement really well, don't we.

AL said...

Don't worry Cara, she'll be right!

Joanna said...

It reminds me a little bit of sailors and boating. Boats and ships are "she" and I think the sailors also talk of the weather as "she".

Really interesting photo Cara. And a fitting description too.

Rae Walter said...

Nice capture Cara.

Nathalie said...

Great pic and story.
Aussies do understatements really well indeed.

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