Saturday, January 29, 2011

You've Been Framed

This is Peter of Nobel Framing in Highgate Hill. He's framing and mounting the five photos I'm putting into the Avid Reader Exhibition, free of charge. We probably talked about the job at hand for about 5% of the time I was at his place and then everything else under the sun and beyond for the rest of the time.

Top bloke!


Julie said...

Noble is as Nobel does.

Ann said...

Top photo too.

NAT DUNCAN said...

Cara I've had framing done by Peter too. And yes we spoke about everything under the sun too. He's such an interesting fella.
A great asset to our local area.
Good luck with the exhibition and the tiling. We are living in "half" of our house and so can only imagine what it's like to have to move out of yours.
Best wishes, keep at it.

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