Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It can definitely be said that without good friends these past two weeks we would have been in all sorts of trouble, especially emotionally. So I think it's appropriate, being Australia Day and all that, to celebrate having great mates - just like mine. We returned to our friends with the warped wooden walls last night for a few beers in the not-so-pongy-anymore garden. Other friends were there too, laughing and enjoying themselves despite the fact that we are STILL living in their house. We laughed about the cracks in her bathroom tiles where it looks like there's been a miniature earthquake... and the doors that don't close. Cosmetic stuff in the scheme of things. The house is still standing thanks to the strong foundations and the pillars of strength that keep it supported. A bit like me and my bloody great mates!  

Happy Australia Day. 


warped walls said...

Cara, it was so wonderful to have you all here last night, seemed like things really were getting back to normal again. And your words are so true, we too certainly would be in a bad way without all you lot! Luv ya! xxx

Mrs Santa said...

To Cara and warped walls, and of course to the refuge owner mates -so absolutely wonderful to see things looking so nearly normal again!

Have not been able to express my thoughts well enough to comment lately but will quote through the usual tears after looking at your blog:
"The best thing in life to hold onto is each other"

(from a tiny wall plaque given to me for Christmas)

Julie said...

And so the sharing continues ... on into here. Onya WW. And Mrs Santa.

A mate is a blessing and mateship a great concept.

To youse all ... have a fun day!

I will respond to your email Cara, this evening. What I will do is cover the printing and framing and add a donation for each photo on top of those costs. Shall detail it for you ... but still display them ... and then post them off to me after that. Just put a red sticker on mine. I will cover the postage/courier too, duh!

Leif Hagen said...

Happy Australia Day! Wishing you and your mates all the best as your town slowly dries out and returns to normal - hopefully sooner rather than later!

Ann said...

Sums up the spirit beautifully.

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