Monday, January 24, 2011

We Need A Montage!

A local bookshop in West End called Avid Reader has decided to raise money for the Premier's Flood Appeal by having an exhibition of photos next month surrounding the events of our flood.

I managed to tee up a printer immediately.
Ted's Camera's in Adelaide Street printed out these 8"x12" photos for me free of charge. I've also managed to find a generous framer so I"ll introduce him to you when I meet him myself.

Back at the ranch, things are moving slowly but at least they are moving. The place is dry and clean and we are in the process of finding a suitable floor. As life in Brisbane returns to some semblance of normality and all the kids return to school after their long summer break, here's a nice little piece put together by one of our neighbours Kevin - one of many I got to know better through these floods.  A few of my shots are in there amongst others. 


Annie said...

Ah, what a great idea Cara. Two great ideas. Some of your photos are very evocative.

Gerry said...

Good on yer Cara, Kev and Ted's! :)

AquaMarina said...

what a moving record of quite an episode in your lives Cara - I recognise some of those shots from your blog - the human toll in a natural disaster. The tone of the music complements your slideshow beautifully. warm wishes to you all as you put your lives back together xx

Julie said...

Oh good work. Onya!!

Now I am figuring that means your work is for sale. Framed 8x12 prints. Could I purchase please the one of the armchair in the road and the one of the flooded Billy Tea shop?

Contact me by email to chat about it, okay?

And also ... is every other fella in QLD named 'Kevin'? Anyways, tell this Kevin he has done a bonza job with the slide show.

Ann said...

They came up really well.

Joanna said...

A LOT of your photos were in there. It looks like you all got through this, or are on your way to getting through it. That little piece will be something to keep and remember that you 'weathered' the flood.

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