Monday, January 10, 2011

Splish Splosh

Down it comes, hour after hour, day after day. Time to go to the launderette again.


Annie said...

yes, it is getting quite serious now.
hope you are high and dry, Cara.

Mrs Santa said...

Congrats Cara for keeping finding new ways to photograph rain; I'm sick of taking flood photos - but probably 'cos I don't have either your skills or imagination!
Sick of being cut off too, but at least there's little chance of house flooding!

Simona Albanese said...

Hi Cara,
your photos are wonderful!

I post from Brisbane to in Italian and in English to keep my Italian going while living overseas and let my parents understand what I write.

All the best for the new year!!


Joanna said...

I've seen some horrendous videos from your area. I hope that rain stops soon.

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