Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Traffic Stopping Art (number 51)

Here we are, back again with my painted traffic box series after a lengthy haitus. It's been a while but here's one I go past a lot (usually when I am in a hurry) and I always make a mental note to get a snap of it before it gets painted over. It's some sort of amoebic mystery! Whatever it is, I'm very fond of it and if you want to go and see this signal box for your cell-f (groan), you need to head on over to the corner of Cordelia Street and Peel Street in South Brisbane.


boromax said...

Excellent. The artwork is delightful, and your photograph is beautiful - context, composition, lines, perspective... love it.

Sally said...

A very happy new year to you, and thanks for your bloggy visits.

J Bar said...

Good bench too.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Alan O'Riordan said...

Wish I'd checked out your blog for creative ideas before my recent visit to Brisbane!

Mozette said...

I painted one of these last year with my Mum on the corner of Park and Kingston Roads at Slacks Creek. It's easy to get yours done. All you need to do is go to http://www.urbansmartprojects.com/
and put in your design...after you've joined their site as an artist. They're also on Facebook so you can keep up with the ones that are always being done around Brisbane.

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