Friday, January 28, 2011

One out, One in.

A strange thing happened the other day. One of the chickens had a fit and fell down to die. There was a burial and a wake (well it may have been co-incidental that there were guests and beers). And if that wasn't strange enough, later on that day after a delicious chicken dinner (unrelated) some friends found a lone chicken wandering around outside with nowhere to go. Our hosts took her in, gave her a coop over her head and some very nice leftovers (not the chicken bits heaven forbid).

It's possible someone is looking for her and wondering what has happened to her..if so let us know. Or maybe her arrival is just Chicken Karma.

Here she is getting her wings clipped for her own protection.


Paul said...

What a strange story, chicken karma indeed. Love that you wrote unrelated, else I might well have thought...

Years ago my cousins in Canada who keep poultry partly for market discovered that my uncle had killed their hand reared pet goose by mistake, whoops, he hated killing and tended to do it on autopilot. My aunt being a practical woman served up Hermann on Sunday, oh dear! No one touched the meat and in the end they buried the roast. Later they noticed the dog had dug it up and was tucking in.

Julie said...

Surely this is a chook not a chicken.

Nice story, but the lad doesn't look all that confident with the trimming process.

AquaMarina said...

she looks just like one of our hens who died last summer - a lovely maran hybrid we called Bubbles, her feathers were wonderfully soft. This little stray was lucky to turn up when there was room at the inn! I hope she fits in without too much trouble from the others

AquaMarina said...

oh - and I just got it - chicken Karma!! this post works at so many levels!!

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