Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vindaloo Against Violence!

Yesterday was the day many Aussies all over the country went out and had a curry in their local Indian restaurant as a show of support towards the Indian community here. There have been some pretty nasty racially-motivated attacks on Indians recently - including a couple of Brisbane taxi drivers. Not a bad way to protest, if you ask me! With any luck, positive press such as this will rebuild some bridges both here and overseas. Read more about it here.


Julie said...

Not sure ... I agree it is an innovative way to show support. However, could come into the category of preaching to the converted. I simply do not understand where the antagonims is arising from. Never could, never will.

Now, my problem with all this, is that all the spices in Indian food upsets my tummy.

cara said...

I'm a bit of an Indian-food addict. I learned how to cook a decent dal from my mum and it's now a staple in our house. If I go more than a week without spices, it really starts to get to me!
As for the cause... I think it's a publicity exercise more than anything. It won't be preaching to the idiot thugs but it might stop all Aussies being tarred with the same brush.

Lorac said...

That is a great way to show , publicly, your support. Nice post!

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