Monday, February 22, 2010

Q. Can I Take a Gander Round Your Verandah?

A... Only if it's house-trained. (boom boom!)

Queenslander houses are built on stilts to welcome any available breeze. Many have them have these great little verandahs which would definitely the place to be for me on a warm summer evening... perhaps with a nice cold drink and a few snacks, watching the world go by.


Ann said...

They're gorgeous. I love that style of house, although they aren't what I think of as a Queenslander.

Most of my hospital shots were taken when I went back for tests although I did take one or two in emergency - you can't waste a cute ambo :)

J Bar said...

A terrific bit of colloquialism. One of my neighbours used to always say 'Can I take a squiz at that?'. :)
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Grace said...

Nice Colors..I like it!
Greetings from Berlin

Steffe said...

I will have a cold beer then.

Annie said...

Great shot have captured the essence...and I reckon they look like Queenslanders to me!

Julie said...

I know what Ann meant. These are the second tier of Queenslander!! These are only on stilts because of the slope. First tier "Queenslander" houses are built on a complete understory of breezeway.

What I find interesting here, is the different directions that the verandahs face. No consistency in the prevailing evening breeze, then?

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