Sunday, February 28, 2010

Turmeric Flower

Coming to Australia from England, I knew turmeric only in powder form and was really surprised to see the root for sale in local markets (it looks a bit like yellow ginger). About 18 months ago I stuck a piece of it in the ground. It sprouted broad thick leaves and looked fabulous for a while but then just disappeared. I presumed I had killed it but it poked through the soil again in November and flourished in the summer rain during January. A few days ago noticed this fantastic flower.
I'm not very good at learning about all these new plants. I just stick them in the ground and hope for the best. When things thrive and flower, it takes me a bit by surprise!


margihealing said...

I've linked this post on my FBook; my international aromatherapy and botanical, 'natural' perfume-making friends will be enthralled.
Does the flower have a fragrance?
I'd love to know!
Thanks for the glimpse of local beauty.

cara said...

Hi Margi!I went out and had a sniff this morning... I think it has a very mild jasmine-y scent.

Valentine Day Flowers said...

nice photo and what a lovely flower.

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