Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shades Of Red

Taken a few weeks ago when the poinciana in full bloom matched the car and the boots.


Stefan Jansson said...

That sneaker thing has spread all over the world.

Steve Harris said...

That's a great image. The wires and shoes look so out of place in what would otherwise seem to be a nice residential streetscape, but the red makes it work.

Ann said...

Beautiful. Like all those street trees.

Steve Capelin said...

Hey, that's Ryan Street. I recognise that boat. Turn your camera around and you can almost take a photo of my street(and another great frangapini).

cara said...

Oooh we're neighbours - I'm on Hoogley St!

Anonymous said...

Black background is very bad.
The white is better.
I'm sorry. Good luck.
Your pictures are beautiful.


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