Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shades Of Red

Taken a few weeks ago when the poinciana in full bloom matched the car and the boots.


Steffe said...

That sneaker thing has spread all over the world.

Steve Harris said...

That's a great image. The wires and shoes look so out of place in what would otherwise seem to be a nice residential streetscape, but the red makes it work.

Ann said...

Beautiful. Like all those street trees.

little hat said...

Hey, that's Ryan Street. I recognise that boat. Turn your camera around and you can almost take a photo of my street(and another great frangapini).

cara said...

Oooh we're neighbours - I'm on Hoogley St!

Anonymous said...

Black background is very bad.
The white is better.
I'm sorry. Good luck.
Your pictures are beautiful.


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