Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Week In Hands (Tuesday)

Pointy hands in Eagle Street.


Lowell said...

And the purpose is? Very striking, though. Nice photography!

cara said...

Thanks! Not sure of the purpose... for art's sake, maybe?

Jane Hards Photography said...

It's very spooky whatever the symbolism. Very powerful image.

bitingmidge said...

Purpose: Brisbane Town Plan requires a certain amount of money spent on "Public Art" so it's probably a planning obligation.

Legend: The building is known colloquially in property and other circles as "Hopoate House", after John Hopoate, a professional Rugby League player who was banned from playing after several nasty incidents involving his index finger and opposing player's funamental orifi!

I'll bet you didn't need to know that!

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

cara said...

I really did. A FAB bit little nugget to impress my friends with next time I am strolling past. Cheers! It's knowing stuff like this that turns you into a real local.

I hear he's a professional boxer now - let's hope he keeps his gloves tightly laced.

Alex G. said...

I think the point is. Stay here (horinzontal hand) if you don't want to get hit by glass falling from up there (the vertical hand).
Maybe not, but locals around here have several near misses by glass falling from these tall buildings. :)

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