Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Terra Firma

I'll finish of my balloon series here in a field in Samford. The red in the picture is the balloon being packed up by all the diligent passengers expect for me. Instead, I was prancing around the field with my camera taking pictures of flowers and trying to be arty. I did get around to helping in the end (honestly).
I took 200 shots from inflation to deflation so I might still pop in the occasional one from time to time. If you enjoyed them a fraction as much as I enjoyed taking them then I'm on to a winner!


Lowell said...

Hi Cara! We enjoyed them, we enjoyed them. Keep popping them in!

And that is a truly arty shot!

bitingmidge said...

Only 200 shots! What were you doing the rest of the time?

I've always wanted to get one of those "dew drops with everything upside down in them" shots! I suppose I just don't get up early enough.

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

Anonymous said...

Is that dew drops on the flowers. If so it must have been early in the morning.

cara said...

Yes, Martin. It took a moment for me to identify it being a city girl but it definitely was! That shot was taken at about 6.45am - they do these flights really early to take advantage of the still morning air.

abc said...

That was a great series Cara. Won't mind if you post some more in the future.

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