Tuesday, February 3, 2009

4 Faces of Brisbane

Here's an alternate "Paths and Passageways" shot - this time taken from an alley down the side of the GPO. Can you guess what the 4 faces are?


the foto fanatic said...

Hmmm - can't see four, unless we're counting the face of buildings. I see the face of the woman crossing Queen St and the face of the clock at Central Station. The statue in the Square has its face turned the other way. What am I missing?
Nice pic, btw!

Anonymous said...

hard to get a photo showing old & young in Brissi....well done!!!!

Anonymous said...

Like photo fanatic I can see three "faces" could the 4th be in the reflections in the glass?

Great idea and photograph.

Jim said...

Four clock faces on the clock tower?

cara said...

Thanks for guessing!
Here's what I think: there are 3 contrasting elements here which represent significant phases in Brisbane's history; the Aboriginal (lady), the Victorian (train station) and the Modern (office block). These are three faces of Brisbane.. and then the clock face is the fourth.

Pearl Maple said...

Followed your link for sky watch friday but had to stop and say this is a great image of the city of Brisbane.

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