Saturday, October 9, 2010

Laying Carpet

The beginnings of a thick mauve carpet that is about to be laid all over Brisbane thanks to October's blooming Jacaranda trees. If you are a university student here, the saying goes that if you haven't started revising for the end of the year exams by the time the Jacaranda trees are in bloom.... you're in trouble!
When I was in Crete a couple of years ago, I noticed blooming Jacarandas in late May. Do you have them where you are? If so... when do they bloom?

Here's a proper photo of a blossoming Jacaranda tree taken last year.


Mrs Santa said...

That's a great tree Cara - where is it?

Our native silky oaks (grevillia robusta) are just starting to
burst into brilliant gold! but their blossoms don't float down by themselves -they are thrown violently onto the ground by the parrots!

Occasionally I have seen jacarandas and silky oaks flowering together- mindblowing!

cara said...

This one (and the one in the link) is in Orleigh Park up near the froggy park on Hill End Terrace.

How about a silky oak picture on the whisper??

Bill said...

I guess it's time to head to New Farm Park soon.

Joanna said...

We don't have them here in Chicago, USA and I'm jealous because I think they're beautiful.

Ali said...

Hey, yes I do! We have two flowering jacarandas outside our front gate, they are council planted trees... every year they flower and then the huge poinsiana in our backyard flowers, the red and the purple is just amazing.

Beautiful trees, thanks for the lovely photos.

Mrs Santa said...

I will put some silky oak photos up on The Whisper - if it ever stops raining enough to take any!

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