Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Here we are at Cloudland on Ann Street in Fortitude Valley.

I just can't do this place justice with my camera skills. It's a 24 hour venue that goes from being a cafe and bistro during the day to a full-on nightclub at night. It has grass on the stairs, a waterfall, plants growing everywhere, a retractable glass roof, seating pods suspended from chains 3 stories up, fancy themed booths individually decked out - including one with a double bed and a mountain of cushions and another with a peacock theme. Even the toilets are worth a visit - all space age and mirrored so much you bump into yourself. The designer is Nick Brunner from Melbourne who also designed the Press Club and Family - other venues in The Valley. You can visit the Cloudland Website for more.

Cloudland has a long and meaningful history with long-term Brisbane residents - everyone remembers it and you can read more about that in tff's excellent blog here.


Annie said...

mmm..interesting. Not at all like the real thing that got demolished, and not in the same terrific spot on top of a hill to be seen from miles around. We used to go sit exams in the old Cloudland..thousands of students from all over Brisbane, in the same place to sit the same exam. At least that was better than down in the old exhibition buildings down the road. Always in November and always HOT.
The new one, very different. But interesting, especially as I didn't even know it existed.

Paddy said...

You're right - photos won't do this place justice - it's mad, I felt like i wasn't supposed to be there when i walked in. went all the way to the top, and each level made me feel like i was trespassing in someone's cheese-dream...

Love the pics Cara, They're great - don't have time to leave an opinion on them all.

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