Saturday, November 7, 2009

William Jolly Projections (2)

There are a range of different patterns set up to project onto the William Jolly Bridge. This one is some sort of crest but I can't make it out... any ideas?
Here's another...


Annie said...

Great photo Cara.

Queensland or Australian shield???

(Just looking at that bit on the right there...swirling scroll sort of thing)?

Jim said...

Excellent. Just like the Vivid festival we had earlier in the year.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Miriam Elisabeth ツ said...

Great! This was elegant!

Annie said...

Actually Cara, I just looked up (googled, australian) those words Meliora Sequimus that appear down in the right hand side at the bottom, and it appears that it might be part of the coat of arms for Brisbane..that would sort of make sense, wouldn't it?

(translated...We Aim for the Best)

cara said...

Thankyou Annie, you've got it!

NAT DUNCAN said...

Wow!! This makes me proud to be a Brisbanite.


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