Monday, November 23, 2009

Traffic Stopping Art (number 35)

Here we are at the Queensland Tennis Centre in Tennyson (dya reckon they built it there on purpose??). This box is called "Tennis aint easy" by John Ledingham. Incase you were wondering whether he could fit another tennis-related pun round the other side, yes he could! It's a miserable broken raquet with a think bubble saying
">sigh< no strings attached".
For others in this painted traffic signal box series, click on the TSBs label below...


jam said...

I had stayed in Melbourne for 1 year and I also have friends staying in Brisbane. It is such a beautiful and serene place, isn't it? Shall we exchange link?

Gaelyn said...

Groan. But, hey why not. I really enjoy your traffic stopping art series.

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